Precautions to keep FASTBot in good conditions.

Precautions to keep FASTBot in good conditions for a long time.

  • Do not apply force to stop running motors by holding the wheels. It may damage the motor and gear arrangement for sure!

  • Do not attempt to stop the moving motors by forcing the bot against the floor. This is a stupid thing even to think. But, we have found many users doing this.You can gently lift the bot or press and hold the Reset key to stop all bot actions. You can also turn off the power to stop the bot.

  • Test the robot only on a clean and flat surface. Otherwise, dust will get accumulated in the gear assembly and may cause damage to the motors and gear arrangement.

  • Make sure that the test surface is large enough for the robot to move around freely. Take additional precautions when testing on a table or near the stairs. Don’t let the robot fall off the edge of the table or anywhere else.

  • Store the FASTBot in a cool and dust free environment. Don’t expose the robot, especially the gear assembly to the direct sun light for prolonged periods of time.

  • Don’t keep touching the under-side of the PCB of the robot unnecessarily. There are many static sensitive components mounted on that side of the PCB. This careless act may damage these components.

  • When replacing the batteries of the bot, first turn off power and disconnect the connector supplying power to all the electronics parts of the bot. Then, remove four screws holding the PCB carefully such that no part of the screw driver touching any part of the PCB. Now, you can replace the batteries of the bot. Again, replace the screws in their respective places before turning power on.

  • Make sure the batteries are inserted with right polarity. Also, plug the battery power connector in right direction.

We are sure that you already know most of these things. But, out of impulse, we have found that, many users do these mistakes and get struck with non-working bot. Just take care of FASTBot and it should serve you for a long time.

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