FASTBot motor command – Turn Right

FASTBot motor command – Turn Right

This Turn Right function is similar as that of Turn Left but it turns your bot to the right side. The right motor is stopped and the left motor is turned forward. So, the bot turns to the right side with right wheel as theĀ center.

You start by double clicking Motor Control option in the Functions window to get motor control functions. Then double click on Turn Right function to get this feature into your application. As usual a dialog box pops up to get your inputs.

As you can see, you need to define three parameters:

The speed of the Left motors (Forward)

The function run time (optional)

Stopping the motors after the action is performed (optional)

You can either key in your parameter or use slider to define the values. The speed can take up to 100% and run time can go up to 65535 milliseconds. However the speed must be positive.

So, the format of the function without stop option looks like this:

TurnRight ( char Speed, int RunTime )

The same function with the activated stop becomes like this:

TurnRight_S ( char Speed, int RunTime)

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