FASTBot motor command – Turn Left.

FASTBot motor command – Turn Left.

As you know, turning your bot in the required direction becomes a part of any robotic application. Now, you are going to get familiar with the command to turn the bot to the left.

The left motor is switched off and the right motor is turned forward at the desired speed. The bot starts turning to the left with the left wheel as centre.

You need to double click the Motor Control option in the Functions window to get this operation into your application. Again you need to double click on Turn Left function to get the dialog box into action.

The parameters necessary for this function are

Speed of the right motor (forward)

The function run time (optional)

Stop the motors once the action is performed (optional).

You need to define the speed as the percentage of the maximum speed and the run time in milliseconds. Then you have the option to stop the turning when the run time gets lapsed.

The motor speed can go up to 100% and the values must be positive. The run time can take any value up to 65535 milliseconds.

Without Stop option, the format of the function looks like this.

TurnLeft ( char Speed, int RunTime )

With Stop option, the format becomes like this:

TurnLeft_S ( char Speed, int RunTime )

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