Advantages of FASTBot Sensor elements

As you know well, sensors of any robotic system play a vital role in educating the robotic controller about the conditions of the operating environment. Naturally, these sensors should come with the following characteristics,

  • The sensors should have proper repeatability to produce same kind of outputs at all operating environments.

  • The sensors should not get influenced by external conditions.

  • The sensors should not demand calibration, whenever or wherever they are put into work.

  • The sensors should come from the reliable manufactures to assure you of trouble-free operations for a very long time.

    A good set of sensors in any robotic application makes designers life an easy and comforting one and enables them produce repeatable performance all the time to ensure the success.

    So, FASTbot also comes with a set of highly reliable sensors to produce winners out of First-Time robotic users. The advantages of sensors are explained below.

    Object Sensors.

    Immune to ambient light.

    Immune to colour of objects/ obstacles.

    Industrial grade.

    No need for calibration/ adjustments in any application.

    Line Sensors.

    No need for any calibrations.

    Works on all surfaces.

    Gives reliable output all the time.

    Industrial grade.

    Light sensors.

    High accuracy and resolution.

    Linear output throughout the sensing range.

    Clear output values in lumen for the light intensity.

    No need for any calibration.

    Industrial grade.

    So, working with FASTBot ensures success in your experiments as well as the required learning.

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