Two Minutes Introduction to FASTBot


FASTBot is the professional trainer creating ENGINEERs in the minds of those using the trainer.

It is a training platform with a well designed microcomputer hardware supported with the State-of-Art software development tools, using industry grade sensors to produce professional results with accuracy and maintain consistent repeatability everytime.

The essence of the training experience enables you to understand the truths required to make yourself as an engineer. First, it invites you with a friendly platform to start your learning as great fun, entertaining as well as an educative one. After initialization with the trainer, when you take up complex interactions with the robot, the bot encourages you to pull yourself up with more usable knowledge and helps you to learn from your failures. For your information, robots react to your ideas and efforts with zero tolerance. They tend to punish you for every mistake  you make and also every time without any mercy.

With FASTBot, you can understand why you fail in all these interactions, then, how you can come out of these as successful by fine tuning your knowledge on various aspects of the robotics with plenty of exercises, reference outputs and video demonstrations.

Then you get the feel that you should reach whatever goals you set for yourself to understand the need of being an engineer. Many toys give you a grand start in a variety of tasks. But, engineering demands all these grand starts become exciting finishing in all the undertaken tasks. Anybody can start anything. But, only engineers can finish them with accurate and mind blowing results. This is how the whole world is progressing in any field. Producing accurate results is the essence of the robotics. You become an engineer by producing grand results, not by starting anything in grand!

FASTBot makes you understand how science, technology, mathematics, logical thinking are fusing together with a proven robotic platform enabling you to produce grand moments to prepare you to undertake more challenges in the coming days.

Robotics is not an easy one as the toy manufacturers continue to make you believe. It demands your total attention, commitment to peruse all the time, an attitude to take every failure as stepping stone for the next progress and a long time vision to take robotics as your career. You also need a wholehearted support from a professional group to make all this possible. In fact, in robotics, most of the time, every mistake makes your efforts more meaningful than your successes. Only with the compatible robotic learning platform, like FASTBot, taking all this into consideration in all the design aspects, can make your journey a meaningful one!



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