FASTBot Training Program in Campus.

FASTBot Training

FASTBot Training Program in Campus.

Frontline Electronics announce the launching of a state of art training program in robotics using the advanced robotic platform, FASTBot. FASTBot is the ideal learning platform most suitable for robotics, and is supported with a professional development software, Topview Robotics IDE, that makes application flow like a breeze to create a very comforting environment, in which students understand every aspect of robotics in a most entertaining way.

The training programs makes extensive use of the knowledge base developed exclusively for the FASTBot with plenty of hands-on exercises to take the participants step by step to acquire the working knowledge on the robotics at the end of the program.

Apart from learning on robotics, all participants are required to understand the importance of embedded systems, embedded C, mechatronics along with logical thinking and applying these elements to create successes in robotics.

To keep interested students motivated in working with robotics, FASTBot team regularly offer challenges at different places, which may provide them opportunities to hone their skill-set on continuous basis. During these events, the student’s efforts will be properly recognized and rewarded with prize money!

It is a two days chargeable event at your campus. We come there with all the required robotic trainers to support upto 60 students. After training, we leave behind required FASTBots to enable the interested students keep working on the robotics.

For more details, you can contact our Senior Marketing Manager, Mr. M. Ramkumar ( 98402 60397 ) or our Marketing Executive, Mr. V. Rajasekar ( 95666 57092). 

Dear Professors,

You can use the following web contact form for calling us for the personal discussion on this training. We have a clearly defined training program to make your students  take up robotics in a most entertaining way!


We are eagerly looking forward to your call in this regard.

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